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About the Labs – About the Site

The Sim National Laboratories are dedicated to science and engineering in the interests of the Sim people. The flagship facility is the Twallan Sunset Valley National Laboratory (SVNL), administered by the Landgraab Foundation under contract. This page will highlight the ongoing and new projects of Twallan SVNL.

As allied National Laboratories come on-line in Bridgeport, Riverview and elsewhere, this site will likewise provide a public portal for their research, education and outreach programs.

If this text appears in Roman characters, your system may lack Simlish language support. One suitable Sim font is Simlish v3 which can be downloaded from this link.

Wesamma rostrie Leboratwa Simya zna-nostee we inzer-neersha za fredishey-dobro-bit leoodee na Zemmel-yee. Plagmani dat-sese-bule-bashi Twallan Sunset Valley National Laboratory (erov-noolie lebortorya) «SVNL», romelits kepitga wing Landgraab Foundation, shelshe rulebit. Gwerdy gah shook ebs, mimdinner daka-aka fezoo Twallan SVNL vetorg.

Anubanda pu National Laboratories vrogorts Bridgeport, Nadi-vik-sisi, mahtu itara logga-lally shate, so shafin yadda wata portal su gooda binchy, she-she brazzavonya kee vooderstuff, mmmeymey.