Simlish Phonology, Acoustics and Computational Linguistics

Placeholder page and test media for the
Simlish Corpus Collection project,
and other research related to our beautiful and euphonious language.

A sample of cleanly-recorded conversational Simlish:


Some example research questions:

  • Can we develop a generative Language Model for Simlish?

    (That is, a computer model sufficiently realistic to produce new phrases in passable spoken Simlish)

  • Does Simlish use exactly the same phoneme set as General American English?

    Hypothesis: Yes, except possibly for the addition of a soft “l” as in “suul-suul”.

  • Does Simlish exhibit vowel harmony?

    Hypothesis: Yes, conversational Simlish uses harmony and rhyme, primarily within phrases.

  • When song lyrics are Simlified from English, does the result resemble conversational Simlish speech?

    Hypothesis: Although they are produced differently, sung and spoken Simlish resemble each other (and differ from their common ancestor English) in certain systematic ways. For example, we might expect to find that both forms of Simlish have a higher proportion of labial consonants and approximants than English.